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Bios & Credits for our “Thanks for Waiting!” CD

Linda Duval biophoto

Linda Duval has been playing music from a young age, spending most of her years as a musician trying to learn to play the guitar, and writing songs to chronicle her life’s journey along the way. She has been playing with Cathy Speck since 1993 in the duo “Duval Speck”, and the dance band “The Essentials”, a dance/party/jam band that is put together with the help of some very fine musicians, and we have a blast playing some all-time favorite dance and party songs with some originals mixed in. At the age of 10 Linda received a “sound on sound” tape deck and she has loved recording ever since, and has several CDs to her credit. For more information, reviews, recordings, etc., please visit

Cathy Speck biophoto

Cathy Speck has been singing as long as she’s been talking, getting her lovely voice and innate feel for vocal harmony from listening to her mother sing. Cathy’s background runs the gamut from singing in the jazz choir in college to fronting several bands in the region, including the “Carthy Spesh: band in Davis, CA, various blues bands, and singing with Linda Duval in “Duval Speck” and “The Essentials” since 1993. For more information on Cathy please visit

Rick Zamora biophoto

Guitarist extraordinaire Rick Zamora has played with many legends in the music business during his years as a musician, and he has brought his jazzy, soulful, and rockin’ style to musical ventures with Duval Speck for over 20 years. Rick spent 10 years in Chicago touring and recording with the legendary Curtis Mayfield, including playing the highly regarded soundtrack for “Shaft” (Superfly, Freddie’s Dead, etc.). Rick played on the legendary Woodstock stage, and was a founding member of Janis Joplin’s “Full Tilt Boogie Band” which formed after “Big Brother & The Holding Company”. Rick also plays with Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia band), and he spent many years playing with the Sacramento area legend/bluesman Johnny Heartsman, and vocalist Arbess Williams. One of Ricks’ current musical projects in the Sacramento area is in the incredibly wide-ranging and eclectic band “Mind X” Rick is one of my all-time favorite guitarists, we loved his work on our first CD “Greeneye Blueeye” as well as his astute and seasoned additions to our new CD “Thanks for Waiting!”.

Tami Talle biophoto

During her 30-year career as a professional drummer, Tami Talle has brought her talent to many musical projects, playing in popular dance and club bands, recording in studio sessions, and touring all over the United States, Europe, and Asia. Since 1994 she has been the drummer for “Roni and the Flight” (, a well-known and well-respected dance band that’s been rockin’ the Sacramento region and making people happy for a long time. Tami’s steady and impressive drumming skills have not gone unnoticed, and she is appreciated by all who have played with her and heard her perform. Tami has joined Duval Speck at several shows to form “The Essentials”. Tami joined us in the studio and played drums for our new CD, doing a great job, coming totally prepared like a real pro, and bringing her style, her smile, and her encouragement.

Oliver Camilo biophoto

Percussionist/drummer/singer Oliver Camilo from Sacramento, CA has played several times with Duval Speck as a percussionist and drummer the past few years. Ollie is a very accomplished rhythm-maker and in-demand local musician with lightning hands on the percussion, and one of the nicest guys we’ve ever worked with. Ollie is a busy musician and is involved in several notable projects: he sings and plays drums in an old-style jazz standards duo called “Jazz Uncorked”, a big hit at the wineries throughout central and northern California (; he plays Latin-style percussion in a trio with Dinorah Cuckendall that performed on the “Sacramento & Co.” TV show, and he’s the back up drummer for the band Alincia.

Byron Kunz biophoto

Bryon Kunz was one of those lucky finds: a musician who has depth and style on several instruments and brings some unique and great ideas to the session. Bryon made a wonderful contribution on clarinet to a song on Linda Duval’s recording “One Wing Flight”, and we asked him back for the new CD, this time on saxophone and mandolin. Which leads me to the question: have you ever had a nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something, but you just can’t figure out what it is, until the middle of the night that is, when you wake up realizing what it was, and it’s a little too late now! Well, that’s what I did with the CD credits, omitting Bryon’s credit for playing mandolin on “Flow With You”. Sorry Bryon! Bryon is currently living in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Primarily focused on woodwinds, he performs regularly with various groups in the greater Spokane area. Bryon enjoys playing styles ranging from jazz and soul to country and blues, rock & roll, funk, world and folk. Music is a passion he lives to express and share with others. Since beginning his music career in the early 1990s, Bryon has recorded on eleven independently released albums, entertained at professional sporting events, conventions, dinner theatre & corporate parties, has toured the western United States and performed with Nashville Top-40 recording artists.

Mary Madison biophoto

Mary Madison has been a dear friend of ours for many years, and has added her beautiful voice to many of our performances and projects. She is also a very accomplished and moving songwriter, one of our favorite songwriters actually and we’ve been delighted to play some of her songs over the years. Mary posts her songs at and participates with the Sacramento branch of the Nashville Songwriter Association International. On our new CD, Mary added vocal harmony to the song “Don’t Forget About Me”, and very generously helped realize and refine the cover design, spending many hours with me, the cats, and the chickens, getting it into proper graphics form. Mary published a newspaper for six years on commercial fishing and environmental issues for the Chesapeake Bay region. She is a mediator and facilitator and committed to opening to a greater understanding of peace both through music and conflict resolution.

Doug Chancellor biophoto

Doug Chancellor did triple duty: he was our studio engineer for several songs, the mastering engineer, and he played banjo on the song “Gone On Arrival”. Doug is a close friend, and a great guy, and really nice to work with. We’ve used his recording studio in Vacaville, CA, “SoundFarm Recording Studio” (, for our past three recording projects. Doug has recorded an impressive list of musicians, from multi-instrumentalist Joe Craven to Papa Roach. Besides recording and producing, Doug is also an accomplished musician and songwriter and arranger, and is the songwriter/producer/musician/singer in the band “Miles Helm”, a lively played blend of guitar, bass, drums, & vocals, all riding on a bed of electronic madness and homegrown samples (and a cool website at Doug plays the banjo on everything from “Camptown Races” to his own compositions in his band “Jack Tapper”, a very fun band specializing in old-timey music. Doug is also in his brother Dave’s band, Something Rhino, more details about that band under Dave Chancellor.

Dave Chancellor biophoto

Dave Chancellor is another friend of ours that is a gifted songwriter and musician. He sings lead and harmony and plays guitar, bass and mandolin. On our new CD he played bass on two songs for us, “Snow White & Cinderella” and “Gone On Arrival”. He also plays mandolin and sings in the Vacaville band “Jack Tapper” along with his brother Doug. Dave has released several CDs of original songs with his band “Something Rhino”, a band that includes his brother Doug and sister Lois. Dave’s songs are great, and the musicianship and vocal harmonies are outstanding on his records.

Mel Burton played bass on Tracks 1-4, 6, 7, and 14, and did a great job!

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