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Welcome to the information page for our new CD:
“Thanks for Waiting!”

Lyrics (doc) (PDF) Bios & Credits

While we were brainstorming on what to title our new CD, we realized it had been 10 years since we released our first CD, “Greeneye Blueeye”, so we started bouncing ideas around with that in mind. “Thanks for waiting!” came up as a joke, but we both took a liking to it and thought it was a fitting title. Little did we know at the time just how fitting it would be, when there was a long delay between our “CD Release Party” and the actual arrival of the CD. So, “Thanks for Waiting!”

All the songs on this CD, except the final one (“Stoned Soul Picnic” by Laura Nyro), were written by Linda Duval and/or Cathy Speck. To see or download the lyrics, please click on the Lyrics link at the top of the page.

Besides our Duval Speck duo, we have joined with some very fine bassists and drummers over the years to form a dance band, “The Essentials”, specializing in all songs fun, danceable, partyable, and jamable. Very able band. The years of playing all those musical styles got me inspired to write original songs that had a bit more rhythm to them, and that was the beginning of the new CD. Using a rhythm machine left here by a friend (thanks Dean!) I started writing music to different beats, and would write lyrics, or give the music to Cathy and ask her if she had any ideas, and boy did she! she did a great job. Tracks 1–9, and 13-14 were recorded at SoundFarm Recording Studio by Doug Chancellor ( You can read about Doug and his studio in the Bios link at the top of the page. We recorded most of the instruments and vocals all together, doing one or two takes of each song. Some other instruments were added later. I recorded Tracks 9-12 at home, on a very old mono Peavey mixer/amp, using Shure 58 microphones, onto a cassette deck, later bumped to digital. These four songs were recorded as a practice session for us and actually were never meant to be heard by anyone; but, in the spirit of an unplugged and live performance, they are now on the CD - mistakes, interesting engineering, and all.

We had a great crew of musicians that helped us fill out these songs. Tami Talle on drums, Mel Burton on bass, Oliver Camilo on percussion, Bryon Kunz on saxophone and mandolin, Rick Zamora on lead electric guitar, Doug Chancellor on banjo, Bill Fairfield on accordion and piano, Dave Chancellor on bass, and Mary Madison on vocal harmony. Cathy sang, and I am undoubtedly biased but I think her voice sounds truly beautiful. I sang, played acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard, and produced the project, and along with Mary Madison designed the CD cover. Doug Chancellor and I mixed it, and Doug mastered it at SoundFarm Recording Studio. Mary Madison, a dear friend and wonderful songwriter, was an immense help in getting the cover design graphics ready, as well as singing some beautiful harmony vocals on a song on the new CD.

You can read more about the fine musicians who joined us on this CD and see their photos in the Bios and credits link.

If you’d like to send us a message, let us know what you think about the new music and the new CD, want to share the weather report from your area, or just in general give us a shout-out, we’d love to hear from you, and you can email us at

To the musicians who joined us, and to all our friends who helped with one thing or another, to Marianne Kirkland for once again generously supporting us, thank you, thank you.

All songs c 2009, Surreymoon Music, BMI

Linda Duval            

“Thanks For Waiting!” CD PHOTO CREDITS

Front cover:  Vanessa Van Stee
Back cover:  Angela Simon
Inside cover collage photos:  Barbara Speck Salonius, Kathryn Palmieri, 
Craig Wells, Linda Duval, and Jessica Cohen 
photo of Belle with wings:  Tara Montgomery

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